KST - Koren Specific Technique

Get adjusted without the “snap, crackle, pop”!


KST is a gentle approach to analyzing and correcting subluxation within the body/mind system and was developed by Tedd Koren, DC.

It uses a technique similar to Kinesiology (muscle testing) and gentle tapping with an instrument called ArthroStim, an FDA approved medical device.  It is so gentle it can even be used on infants!

By testing the body using “Challenge, Check and Correct” the practitioner learns where the problem areas are in the body.

Challenge - Practitioner gently touches affected areas of body

Check - Using a binary Bio-feedback system, Occipital Drop (OD), the practitioner will receive answers (yes or no) which guides the practitioner to the area that needs correction. To use the OD the practitioner gently puts their hands at the back of the patient’s head.

Correct - The practitioner uses the ArthroStim to correct and release problem areas.

Dr. Lotte Valentin trained with Dr. Tedd Koren himself. This is what he had to say about her;

Dear Lotte,

Your presence at the seminar was wonderful.
I wish more people with your sensitivity would learn KST.
I wish you were nearby, I’d refer loads of people to you.

— Tedd Koren

Common problems that KST can help correct include:

Back and Neck pain



Headaches and Migraines


Heart Palpitations


Emotional Trauma

Digestive issues

Eye problems

Sinus problems



And many more conditions. 

To Schedule an appointment with Dr. Lotte Valentin, please call:

Center for Integrative Medicine 602.888.2320

The official website for KST is www.korenspecifictechnique.com

To view a short video about KST and to learn more, click on the link below.