Body Talk

Body Talk uses the body’s innate wisdom to heal and is a health preventative system that has the ability to help clear many problems before they manifest and cause deeper physical problems in the body. It is therefore an excellent way of staying on top of your health and to treat and prevent further problems before they become problematic.

Body Talk is a consciousness-based health care system founded in Quantum Physics, which takes into account the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of healing. Our current Western health care system views our bodies in a mechanical way where each body part is treated separately from other parts. Even our holistic approach to health care such as Acupuncture only takes into account one system, which in this case are the meridians of energy flow, or Qi and corrects the “points” where the energy is not flowing freely.

Body Talk incorporates the entirety of a person and evaluates all systems that exist within the body such as physical, emotional, spiritual as well as energetic systems in order to create health and wellness. All of the systems in the body are connected to and dependent on each other in order to function properly.

When you eat food it isn’t just your stomach that digests the food. The whole digestive process begins in the mouth with chewing the food and ends when you relieve the unwanted food particles in your stool. Your body needs enzymes from saliva and the Pancreas, Hydrochloric Acid in your stomach, the valves and esophagus needs to work properly as does your liver, gallbladder and all of your small and large intestine. As you can see there are many systems within your body that all need to be synchronized in order for your body to assimilate the foods you eat. The systems mentioned here are only the physical systems, but you can also have emotional problems tied to digestive issues such as the child who gets a stomachache when nervous about having to read aloud in school.  The physical and emotional problems we experience can’t always be resolved with the ingestion of a pill. Many times the patient has to go to a deeper level to understand and cure the root cause of their problem.

It is the body’s innate wisdom that allows all your body parts to work in synchronization with each other. It isn’t just a chemical reaction that makes all your systems work, but your body also uses electromagnetic fields, chakras and the meridians of energy flow in order to function properly as a whole. There is an innate balance and knowledge within your body that keeps all systems aligned and working properly together. It is therefore difficult to treat just one organ separately from everything else and expect healing as it affects all other systems and they all need to be aligned with each other.

During a Body Talk session we typically don’t address a specific disease, but focus on the unique balance within the different systems of the client. When the client creates a shift during a session towards a more balanced overall system, the specific symptoms are automatically addressed creating lasting patterns to better health. As all systems are interconnected within each person and between all that is, when this shift takes place in the client all elements making up this web of life also shifts.

During a session of Body Talk the client lies fully clothed on the table and the practitioner uses a neuromuscular feedback system, which typically involves touching the wrist or hand of the client to find the problematic areas. Once a problem has been located the practitioner gently “taps” on the client’s head, chest and abdomen to activate the change.  It is a very gentle system and therefore appropriate for all age groups.

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